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Pregnant Mary is another of our favorite preggo porn sites? Why? Because it features a truly gorgeous and innocent 18 year old girl who is already up the stick, and not only proud of her bump, but horny as hell at the thought of perverts like us fapping away like crazy at seeing it in the nude, and watching this cute pregnant girl getting fucked for our pleasure on camera.

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18 year old Mary Jane Johnson is just like any other teen girl. She loves wearing sexy clothes such as mini-tops, posting on social media, and watching movies. But what’s different about this petite 18 year old cutie is that she’s heavily pregnant. And a pornstar.

As her bump started to grow after getting herself pregnant, sweet Mary noticed to her great surprise that she was getting even more lustful looks from guys than before. Even though she is barely legal, and soon heavily pregnant, especially older guys were openly eyeing her in shops and cafes, clearly dreaming about sliding their stiff cocks into her young, impregnated body. It turned her on so much, and then she had the idea that she could make money from it too. So she contacted a porn company and asked to appear in some naughty videos, as she knew that so many men were excited at the thought of her pregnant teen body being fucked. She was willing to do not just sexy nude photos, but to be fucked on camera too.

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  • A genuine 18 year old cutie who is turned on by preggo fetish fans
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